Most of the individuals who would like to revamp the looks of their cars to support a cause, or transform it to match their lifestyles opt for the vehicle wraps. This involves using the high grade vinyl sheet to be placed or adhered to the surface of the car like paint. If there is one company in Baton Rouge that masters this art it is M & M Window Tint. We offer premium services to  corporate and other clients, seeking the same. These vehicle wraps are created from the professional grade vinyl sheets that help in bringing out every detail of printing to create dynamic and stylized images and text for the companies or the individuals to flaunt on their cars.
The use of the vinyl wraps is very easy as they are adhered to the paint of the vehicles without causing any damage. They can be removed professionally through the simple process of peeling off. Since it does not cause any damage to the car paints or that of any other vehicle it remains one of the most preferred and viable tools to be used by the individuals and the corporations. This tool is also very cost effective and can be removed for a new sheet at any time the marketing campaign or contact details are revised. We offer services in the areas of;

  • Custom vinyl vehicle wrapping
  • Digital patterns and other related tasks
  • Standardized wrap jobs
  • Simulated car paint jobs
  • Some of the benefits that the vehicle vinyl wraps offer include;
  • Developing a mobile showroom
  • Rent free advertising
  • Helping in prolonging the original paint life of the vehicle
  • Generating referrals
  • Promoting a business
  • Spreading awareness and customized message to the target market tailored according to the demographical attributes etc.
  • Vehicle striping and lettering
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